It’s as easy as 1, 2, Free!!!!
Simply fill out the form below with your contact information and the names and e-mail addresses of everyone you want to invite.  Your guests will then receive an e-mail invitation with a special code and date to begin shopping your on-line party.   They will save 20% off of their purchases thanks to you!
 Your Basic Contact Information:
 Your Party Invitation List:
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Based on the sales generated through your on-line party, you’ll qualify to receive a Peapod e-gift certificate to redeem online for your choice of peapod products!

What Else You Should Know:

* Your on-line party is active for 14 days

* You can invite more guests while the party is active.  All you have to do is submit an e-mail to

   peapodcharms@yahoo.com and we will send them the invite.

* All your guests need to do to order is type up an e-mail of the items they would like to purchase and send it to

   peapodcharms@yahoo.com  including the party code so we know which party they are from and whom we

   give the rewards too.  Once we have gotten their e-mail we send out there products to them.  And best of all,

   you rack up the points to earn Peapod Products.

In conclusion with that said who wouldn’t want to host an on-line party?  Sign up today and start earning your rewards!!!


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